We now have a bandcamp, You can get some of this stuff off that if you'd rather use a credit card or however the hell it works. If you want to get stuff through here, then great. We'd prefer you did too.

All prices include shipping. If you would like to buy something through the site please contact us at, or just send a note with a check or money order, made out to Kevin Esposito, to: PO Box 3696, Philadelphia PA, 19125

Mindless Attack 7"
$7ppd. Mindless Attack, self titled 7". Jointly Released, Feb 2013, with Cephia's Treat Recordings, Contains tracks: Kill Count, Consumer Induced Poverty, Love, Destined To Fail, Don't Tell Me What To Do, I Can't Get My Head Straight, and Mindless Attack. Comes with cover art sticker and small poster.
Choose To Fight Single

SOLD OUT,   5" Lathe, Single of Choose To Fight b/w  4-Skins cover ACAB. Jointly Released Feb. 2012 with Cephia's Treat Recordings,  ,comes with CD-R version, $2ppd for just CD-R Version. For FREE download go to
Demo Tape

SOLD OUT. Self Released July 2011. Contains tracks I Can't Get My Head Straight, Destined To Fail, Buyers Are Liars, Raise The Rent, Today's Slave, Pushed Aside, and Partisans cover I Don't Give A Fuck. download it for FREE from

$10ppd. Available on white, sizes S,M,L,XL
 Only available through Cephia's Treat Recordings,

Patches and Stickers
Right now only available with Skull Brain Logo. We keep running out and making more of both so you'll have to get lucky if you want one. But you'll get what we got for free with an other order. If you just want a patch its $1ppd.