Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February Shows

Feb. 25th Saturday, @ CHANGED LOCATION to the Emoda Gallery on the corner of South 4th street and More- 8 p.m., $5


Feb. 8th in Tampa Fl.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Some Props, and Apologies

First off we want to thank Dan, Appalachian Terror Unit, and all the West Virginia punks who made Saturday one truly killer gig. You kids lost your minds and it was fun as shit to play and party with all of you. Second we'd like to apologize to Mike from Sheer Contempt, and all the guys in The Divided and Angels 8 Riot, and any one who might have come out to see us play on Sunday the 22nd. The ride back from WV took us a bit longer then we had planned. We contacted the venue so they new when we would be arriving but it became apparent when we got there that we weren't to welcome to play. We are grateful for any chance we get to play, and we only hope that this didn't ruin the gig for The Divided or Angels 8 Riot. If any of our fans went to that show to see us, and paid that ridiculous door cover, then let us know at our next gig and I'll buy you a beer.