Tuesday, October 7, 2014


So, it's quite possible that we are on a hiatus. But it's also quite possible that we are still playing. If we are still playing then we have a new line up, new songs, and just played some shows recently and might be playing another show very soon. If we're on a hiatus then there's a new band that sounds just like Mindless Attack, is playing some of their songs, and has yet to come up with a new name. Either way I'll keep you informed to the best of my ability once everything is figured out. And all new  recorded songs, either by the new Mindless Attack or the new band that sounds suspiciously like Mindless Attack, will be posted in the same usual spots, ie; mindlessattack.bandcamp.com.
In other news, the album we've been working on is still in the works. The recordings were lost, then found, then changed hands several times until they were eventually lost again, then found once more and given to me in raw form, and now we have to start all over again. But at least we have them. And as soon as i can figure out how to mix, master, and get them somewhere where they can get on some kind of format for listening, we will be releasing them.