Monday, December 19, 2011

Video, Props, and News

First off, we want to thank Vinny from Sickoids for booking a killer gig and inviting us to play. We had a blast. Second we want to thank the dude who got video of the night.  you can watch the video of us, and some of the rest of the show at Http:// Boy's got a lot of other killer sets posted up there as well so take some time and check it out. Also we want to let everyone know that our 7" is finally in the works. we recorded two songs so far and they're sounding pretty damn good. "Choose To Fight" and our cover of "ACAB" will appear as a CDR single very soon, available at our gigs. And the rest of the shit will be recorded by the end of the month and hopefully we will have a 7" in the very near future.  Keep checking back.